Mrs. LashLift ® Curling Lotion Nr. 1 is in Pump bottles, and especially suitable for stylists who perform many lash-up treatments!
Because of the pump bottles which are airtight you can use your products for a long time, without losing its power.

We recommend the following training times for the Mrs. LashLift ® Curling Lotion Nr. 1 to:

♥  Thin lashes: 7 minutes 
♥  Thin to normal lashes: 8 minutes
♥  Normal lashes: 9 minutes 
♥  Thick lashes: 10 minutes 

We recommend the following application times for the Mrs. LashLift ® Fixing Lotion Nr. 2 on:
For the Nr. 2 use a contact time of 1 minute less than with used contact time with the Nr. 1

Please note: Both lotions have a shelf life of 2 months after opening, but after 6 weeks it is possible that loss of strength occurs and we therefore recommend that the exposure time be increased by 1 minute.

Content: 5 ML

Mrs. LashLift® Curling Lotion No. 1 5ML