We are very happy with our new revolutionary lashlift system  Mrs. LashLift PRO.

As the name suggests, this is for the experienced eyelash stylist.
Mrs. Lashlift PRO   has a total exposure time of only a maximum of   11 minutes  including paints!

I think that might be the  fastest lash lift system  in the world.

 Despite this being a strong variant, these lotions do not damage the natural lashes and can be used safely. Made within the EU and naturally animal-free and vegan.

5ml luxury pen packaging:
By turning at the back the lotion comes out at the front and the pen remains free of air.

Shelf life open 6 months, unopened 36 months

Training times:

Lotion 1 : with weak lashes 4 minutes, with normal to strong lashes 5 minutes

Lotion 2 : is immediately 1: 1 with the paint if desired. The lotion 2 replaces the developer because it is provided with the correct amount of peroxide. Let this work in for 6 minutes.

A comprehensive manual for the correct use of Mrs. LashLift PRO is also included.