The extensive Mrs. LashLift ® Starter package contains all the necessities for the Mrs. LashLift ® treatment and is good for around 20 treatments.

The complete content:

♥  Mrs. LashLift Curling Lotion Nr. 1 (5ml)
♥  Mrs. LashLift Fixing Lotion Nr. 2 (5ml)
♥  Mrs. LashLift 3D Lash Filler Gold (5ml)
♥  Mrs. LashLift Keratin & Collagen Laminator (5ml)
♥  Mrs. LashLift Lash Lift Adhesive (5ml)
♥  Mrs. LashLift Make-Up Remover (50ml)
♥  Mrs. LashLift Eyepads (10x)
♥  Mrs. LashLift Silicone Rods Mix Package
♥  Mrs. LashLift Lifting tool
♥  Mrs. LashLift Brush
♥  Mrs. LashLift Spoolie
♥  Mrs. LashLift I ntensive tint kit mini blue / black


Note: Our products are only and only for sale on presentation of a certificate wimperlifting.

If you are not in possession of a certificate, we offer the possibility of following an All-round Lash Volume Lift Training by Mrs. LashLift with extensive product training.
The costs for this Allround Lash Volume Lift Training by Mrs. LashLift amounts to £399 excl. VAT. This includes the extensive Mrs. LashLift Starter Package. The Mrs. LashLift Starter Package has a value of £185 excl. VAT which is good for approximately 20 treatments.

Are you not familiar with Mrs. LashLift system? But have you already taken a LashLift course with another brand of lashlift system? And would you like to make the switch to Mrs. LashLift ?
That is of course possible!

We therefore offer a refresher course to easily make a nice transfer to Mrs. LashLift . We offer these refresher for only € 199.95 excluding VAT and this includes the extensive starter package worth € 199.95 excluding VAT. So you can start immediately!

For more information about this we refer you to our Mrs. LashLift training.
You can also contact us directly or a trainer in your area.

Mrs. LashLift® starter package